Project name: Connect House
Architect’s Firm: Story Architecture
Contact e-mail:
Project location: Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam
Completion Year: 2018
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 100m2
Lead Architects: 
Other participants : Le Nguyen construction, Khang Long steel construction, Khoa Tran interior & furniture
Photo credits: Tomquast, Nhi Vu

People are getting futher away from reality and chose a different way to communicate: by the digital devices, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc…
The family members are living under one roof. However, they see each other, hear each other’s voices through images and videos in social websites, the digital world. They feel happy within the digital world.
As architects, we wonder if the reality is too boring for us all to connect, communicate, and we don't feel happy in our own house, especially, the small, tube house in the city.
With Connect house, we want to pull the way people connect and communicate back to reality, easily and happily.
With Connect house, we connect people to people, people to nature and, each people to his/ her own self.
The family consists of the parent and their son. We designed the living space and the relax space of each member mix together, so that they can support each other and truly become one family. Together as a whole, they can overcome any obstacles in life, creating happiness within their very own house.

Thực hiện: Kts Nguyễn Kava